I'm Pat Lovell, owner and breeder of Gold Coast Labradoodles, located on the North Shore of Long Island, New
York.  Along with my family we have been breeding this wonderful breed of dog since 2005 when our Abigail had
her first litter.  Abby, now almost 16 has been enjoying her retirement as part of our family.   

Our dogs either live with us or with wonderful "guardian" families.  Without guardians we wouldn't be able to
continue our wonderful lines.  Placing dogs with "guardian" families allows our dogs to be loved and be part of
their own family.  Once retired they remain with their family forever.    

All puppies are raised in our home with love and care.  Puppies learn life lessons from their mom,  litter mates
and us!  Canine and human socialization makes for a well rounded puppy.

If you don't already know, the Australian Labradoodle is an exceptional breed of dog!  Intelligent, loving and for
so many, allergy friendly.  Many of our puppies  are certified therapy dogs and we even have a few registered
service dogs.   Simply, the Australian Labradoodle is smart, intuitive, and a great family dog!  Remember, they
aren't perfect. They look to you for direction, discipline and exercise.  
You must teach your puppy everything
needed to become a wonderful dog!
They are happiest when they are with their family; taking walks, going for
car rides or just hanging out watching TV.    

Because we are a small home based breeder I cannot have visitors come to meet our dogs prior to
placing a deposit down on a specific litter.  I have to juggle my family life, work schedule and caring
for the dogs and puppies.  All families that have placed a deposit for a specific litter will be invited to
meet the puppies, their mom, me and sometimes the dad once the puppies are old enough.

You can see our references on Facebook / Google or contact Blue@goldendoodles.com  

Thanks again for inquiring into our dogs and puppies!!

and the Australian Labradoodles

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