In order to continue our breeding program we need help.  Many of our pups we hold back for breeding need a family of their own to love.  Please read about our Guardian program and if you feel this is something you’d like to apply for, please let me know.

  1. Our pup is placed with their own forever family at no charge.
  2. You must live within a half hour from Syosset
  3. Be willing to use my veterinarian, Dr. Robert Monaco, Old Country Animal Clinic, Plainview.  I am responsible for all well visits and health testing for breeding requirements. Families are responsible for sick or injury visits and I must be informed of all visits to the veterinarian. 
  4. Typically, females retire after their 3rd litter while males can continue to work for 5 plus years. When their breeding career is over they are spayed/neutered and remain with their forever families.
  5. Allow immediate access to the dog when needed
  6. Inform me immediately upon start of cycle (female)
  7. Expect that the dog may have to stay with me for days if needed for breeding purposes
  8. Not planning on moving for years
  9. Provide a loving home, regular grooming & socializing
  10. Hire a trainer if necessary.

Contact info


Syosset, NY 11791