I'm Pat Lovell, owner and breeder of Gold Coast Labradoodles, located on the North Shore of Long Island,
New York.  Along with my husband and children, now young adults, we have been breeding this wonderful
breed of dog since 2005 when our Abigail had her first litter.  Abby, now almost 13 has been enjoying her
retirement as part of our family.   

Our dogs either live with us or with wonderful "guardian" families.  Placing dogs with "guardian" families
allows our dogs to be loved and be part of their own family.  Once retired they remain with their family
forever.  This allows me to continue breeding and gives my dogs a loving family of their very own.  

All our puppies are raised here in our home with love and care.  The puppies learn about life from their mom
and siblings.  Their momma teaches the most imortant lessons.  My family and I do our part to socialize the
pups from the day they are born.  We gently touch and hold them.  Keeping them clean and warm.  When
they are old enough, they play with toys, explore outside, spend time outside of their room with us.  Watching
TV in our livingroom, hearing clanking pots and pans in our kitchen.  Producing healthy, social puppies is our
# 1 priority!

If you don't already know, the the Australian Labradoodle is an exceptional breed of dog!  Inteligent, loving
and for so many, allergy friendly.  I have placed puppies in families who have children with special needs and
have received wonderful feedback. Two of our puppies  are certified therapy dogs and one is a registered
service dog for her owner.   Australian Labradoodles are smart, intuitive, and a great family dog.  Remember,
they aren't perfect. They look to you for direction, discipline and exercise.  They are happiest when they are
with their family; taking walks, going for car rides are my dogs favorite things to do.    

Individuals who suffer from allergies have had success with the breed, although I would never
promise 100%.  Only you know how severe your allergies are. Our dogs are non-shedding.   If your
allergy is to dog saliva, even an Australian Labradoodle will not eliminate the reaction.

Because we are a small home based breeder I cannot have visitors come to meet our dogs prior to
placing a deposit down on a specific litter.  I have to juggle my family life, work schedule and caring
for the dogs and puppies.  All families that have placed a deposit for a specific litter will be invited
to meet the puppies, their mom, me and sometimes the dad.

I do like to get as much information from families as possible.  I work closely with families regarding
the placement of a puppy.   I ask all families to share with me as much information as possible.  I
need to know if you have children, what their ages are and if they have special needs.  Are allergies
an issue for any family members?  Will this be your first puppy/dog? Will the puppy have someone
home during the day to help train him/her?  What are you looking for in a puppy?  What size,
gender and color?  Those are the start off questions which are asked on the application.  

You are welcome to send me your application (no deposit) prior to a litter arriving.  I will contact
you once the pups arrive.  If at that point you want to move forward with a puppy from the litter it
is as that point a deposit is required.  

If you are adopting one of our puppies, you will see weekly updates including pictures on the site.  
Each milestone they reach, such as opening their eyes or wagging their tails.  I want you to be part
of the process from the very beginning.  Families have always expressed how much they enjoyed
those updates.  These are more than puppies to me.  I've always thought of this as placing my girls'
babies with families.  It is very important to me that you and I agree on which pup will fit your
family the best.  I am also here to help you prepare your home and family.  Adopting a puppy is a
lot of work and takes a great deal of commitment.  
All puppies are cute, but all require a great deal
of work and dedication.      

All pups will have had a health check and age appropriate vaccinations by our veterinarian.  I
de-worm the pups twice here at home.   The pups will remain with me until they are  approximately
8 weeks. Every family will receive puppy training information, a toy and antler for teething, a
blanket that the puppies have all slept on, health certificate from my veterinarian, and at least 3
days worth of food. Puppies are $3,000 + tax.  If for some reason you are not able to pick up your
puppy when they are ready to leave and it is possible for me to keep the puppy there will be an
additional charge of $25.00 per day.  I love these little guys, but they are a lot of work!

I believe I have addressed many of the most common questions I receive.  If you are interested in
adopting one of our puppies, please complete the application and send it to me.  If you have
questions, please feel free to call or write.  I must admit, writing usually gets a faster response.

If you would like a reference, please contact Blue@goldendoodles.com   She has references on file
for me.

Thanks again for inquiring into our dogs and puppies!!

and the Australian Labradoodles

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